RIGHT now Majorca has the golden opportunity to claw back some of its lost tourism industry.
Where you agree on making your luck out of other countries misfortunes, I would think that any like minded person would say lets go for it.
Have you seen any mass advertising in the newspapers or TV for Spain and the Balearics, in the past few weeks, nope neither have I.
And any decent advertising agency could knock up a 30 second TV advert in 5 days, but I suppose by the time Majorca has got their back handers, it might take a bit longer.

Don't think they want Tourism, Well what do you think ?
And going onto all the empty shops, bars, restaurants, all round the Island, now if the owner of these properties had to pay 50% of their rentable value, open or shut, just like back in the UK you have to.

These owners would soon get them rented out that's for sure, that creates a competitive market which forces prices down! So easy to sort!