Dear Editor,

May I commend you for running in recent editions various letters which I believe have been an excellent catharthism of our local ex–pat community regarding the Iraqi situation. For all pacifists, anti–war demonstrators and other “good will prevails” I offer you this: Rafat Abdulamajeed Muhammad's “crime” was to sell a westerner a roll of film in Baghdad in 1989. He was arrested and taken in by Saddam Hussein's, Mukhbarat (not so secret police). May I refer you to his statement in yesterday's The Times interview. “I am surprised to hear of all the anti–war demonstrations in the West. I wish that the demonstrators could spend just 24 hours in the place that I have come from and see the reality of Iraq. Fourteen lost years of my life. Nothing but bread for food–darkness, filth, beatings, torture, killings, bitterness and humiliation. I wish they could just experience it for just 24 hours.” Please don't tell us what you think or feel what should or shouldn't happen in an ideal world. Rafat Abdulamajeed Muhammad's experience is a reality in Saddam's world!

John Rule

Sol de Mallorca