Dear Sir,

As I totter, lean and be slippered towards the grave, one of the minor pleasures in my life is to pick holes in the logic of Ray Fleming's statements about the world we live in. Imagine my delight on Tuesday when Mr Fleming used the 2001 Census of England and Wales as authority for the statement that 71.7 per cent of the population identified themselves as Christians. For several decades it had been a standing joke in the British Army that something over ninety percent of recruits declare themselves to be C. of E. a) because they are not aware of any alternative likely to be accepted by the RSM or b: because they prefer church parade to spud–bashing which is the Army's traditional response to anyone of an independent frame of mind. If 71.7 per cent of the population are indeed Christian all I can say is that in their treatment of animals, children, wives, ethnic minorities and their fellow human beings they do a masterful job of concealing the fact.

Mike Kernahan