Dear Sir,

It is increasingly difficult for a mere doctor to follow the ways of the world. Our concern is looking after people's health, war merely increases the workload. President Bush says Iraq is undemocratic, it must be introduced by force. What is this democracy? Is it in Lincoln's terms “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”? And does this mean beyond the borders of those people. The people of Israel have just elected representatives, some of whom are all in favour of further invasion of Palestine. The President of the United States may well have been elected by the money supplid by tobacco interests. They would thus be aided to invade the third world with all its medical and economic consequences. Susan Taylor says (e.mail MDB Feb 23) of the proposed invasion “Saddam Hussein hasn't been proved of doing anything untoward to anyone”. Murdering his sons-in-law, gassing Kurds, starving Shiites, invading Kuwait is in her view clearly NOT untoward. One cannot but wonder, is this some sort of religious campaign. Those who subscribe to the prophet Mohammed look to true government as a religious one. Is it a Christian democracy that is to be imposed - may be they don't want to be Christians. One can only ask. Has a war-imposed regime ever worked in the long term? And, what is the definition of this modern democracy, when the money to control the Media is the “Brave New World” of government. Does anyone know what they are talking and marching about?

George Giri

Mancor del Valle