Dear Sir,

I read with interest your article on Police crackdown and zero tolerance for motorists in Andratx and Majorca; it is impossible to argue against this, as an uninsured car is a disaster in waiting, a drunk or drugged driver, like a somewhat damp and unreliable suicide bomber.

It is easy to make a mistake with paper work and a glass of wine over dinner; to my fault I know but we should all be aware and responsible. But what of the - “Smoking Ban -” which came into force some time ago.

Today, it seems to be completely ignored, bars and restaurants flaunt the ban to the extreme and if there is a no smoking area it is pathetic; smoke has no understanding of imaginary boundaries. Children cough, your clothes and hair smell; complain and very quickly “you” are the pariah - the one at fault. I am not sure of the law regarding a sign saying “We Allow Smoking” but ok, at least the customer pursing the restaurant knows this and if is still prepared to put up with it then so be it.

It is high time that the Local Police sought to enforce the law in the same way as they would enforce others. Legislation is in place for fines to be given to offenders. That said I am not sure that I would welcome uniformed officers continually visiting our watering holes; to start with would be fine, later an “advertised” telephone call in number and a call back from the Local Police to the offending would work. Whatever were decided it would be better than now and something has to be done
I am not adverse to a good cigar but at least I smoke on my terrace at home and the goats do not seem to mind.

James Hayward-Searle