By Jason Moore

THE decline in the value of sterling against the euro has widespread repercussions for the Balearics and I think the local government should now think twice about the tourist tax. While I am no supporter of the tax I believe that it does offer some benefits for these islands providing that tourists are willing to pay it. With Germany in deep recession and British tourists finding that their pound is buying them less here then perhaps it would be a good idea if the tax was shelved until the economic climate improves. Let's face it, one of the reasons why the Balearics has been so successful with the British market over the last five years is because it was relatively cheap. Tourists found that with their over-valued pound they could have a good holiday for a limited cost. A one euro tax per person per day would naturally cause some concern but with the pound being strong at the end of the day it was just pennies. But all of a sudden their pound sterling is worth five percent less than this time last year and of course the cost of living in Majorca has also risen quite sharply. End result: tourists have less to spend and are finding that they must also pay a tax which is controversial to say the least. Also, resorts on the mainland are cheaper and they don't have a tourist tax. Certainly food for thought.

Voting challenge

FULL marks to the Partido Popular on the Calvia council and the Partido Socialista Obrero Español in Palma who both sent me information on why I should vote for them at the next local elections in May. There we go, it's nice to be remembered and my faith in local politics has been partly restored.
Keep it up, please.