Dear Sir, With all the recent coverage on ‘carnation pickpocket' incidents in Palma, it made me recall many years past, a couple we knew were accosted by the ‘carnation sellers'. The lady friend was of rather statuesque size and favoured very large handbags with lots of brass/metal clasp fittings.
Upon realising a gypsy had their hand inside the bag, she slammed it shut, and when the woman removed her hand with a squeal, she received a further bang on the head from the formidable handbag to send her on her way! This practice is not necessarily recommended for all the possible repercussions -but it certainly worked that day.
Solution to the problem?
Well, maybe some undercover police acting as tourists may prove a deterrant, but if arrests do not result in meaningful convictions, what is the point? Maybe Bridgetown in Barbados has the answer, for I was surprised to see a sign on a street stating “No Loitering or Hawking”. Somewhat old fashioned but most effective; one was never bothered on the street. A simple law, which if passed and enforced, could benefit Palma as a city a lot.
Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips
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