by Jason Moore

T HE King´s son-in-law Inaki Urdangarin has been “removed” from the royal family´s website, has been stripped of a street named in his honour in Palma and now the council no longer want him to use his official title of Duke of Palma. Urdangarin has been accused of embezzling six million euros through his Noos sporting Foundation alongside his business partner Diego Torres. But it must be remembered that Urdangarin has not been charged and has not been found guilty of any offence. He has only been questioned by a judge in connection with the allegations. I would say to the Palma city council whatever happened to innocent until proven otherwise? If Urdangarin is cleared of all charges what is the council going to do? Rename the street and say sorry? Will he be asked to use his title again? The problem at the moment is that Urdangarin has rather been tried by the media and as a direct result he has become one of the most unpopular people in the country. This is a rather dangerous state of affairs. I realise that the Palma council probably didn´t what to be linked with a man who is facing corruption allegations but perhaps they should have waited. The only person who can decide if Urdangarin is guilty or innocent is a judge and there has been no ruling so far. Urdangarin also has rights and these should be safeguarded as well. He may be a member of the royal family but he also deserves the full protection of the law.