Dear Editor, WHILST Ray Fleming is quite capable of “fighting his own corner”, when reading the critical letter from a Mr. Arye Berest in yesterday's Bulletin, berating Mr. Flemings's articles on “Arab issues”, I felt that as a long-term reader of the Majorca Daily Bulletin, another viewpoint was called for. I think that in Europe today, unless someone is a die-hard American Republican or of the Jewish faith (or both), the vast majority consider the Israel/Palestine conflict a case of “six of one and half a dozen of the other” with innocents dying on both sides of an issue, with no end in sight. America's position is not helped by its support of Israel, through military weaponry, financial grants, vetos at the United Nationals on any sanction against Israel, etc. When one sees on T.V. rock throwing youths confronting tanks, it does give a “David and Goliath” image. There is no real excuse for terrorist attacks, but it should be remembered that Israel founded its state on just that, the most wanted terrorist by the British became the first prime minister for Israel. Similar scenarios have been repeated many times around the world, where yesterday's terrorist becomes today's freedom fighter, and then in turn, “tomorrow's” leader of the country. What is needed is an honest broker, to bring the two factions together, with give and take on both sides. Ray Fleming in his articles is most lucid on this issue, and deserves praise rather than condemnation for stating what is truly happening. The other major conflict, Iraq, is a complete American-made mess, and even the majority of Americans realise this now, and would like to find a way to pull out. The lies, misinformation and disinformation that led to the invasion and destruction of that country's infrastructure, the tens of thousands of deaths on all sides, leaving the country on the brink of civil war, will be a lasting monument to George Bush, and has done immeasurable harm to the world view of America as a whole. Best not to linger too long on Afghanistan, which since that invasion has an even higher poppy (heroin) production, large parts of the country under tribal warlords, and a government hanging on by its fingernails to power. Removal of harsh/cruel dictators is something everyone would like to see, there are plenty around the world (strange how it is oil-producing countries that gain the most attention!), but there is a right and a wrong way of doing it, and it certainly is not right to leave the people worse off than before. Keep up the good work Ray Fleming, you can be assured the vast majority of readers find your articles informative, interesting and factual. Anyone who thinks the opposite can always tune in to “Fox News!”

Graham Phillips, Palma de Majorca