by Jason Moore

A week ago Jose Mourinho the Real Madrid manager, was allegedly packing his bags at Madrid and planning a new career in the English Premier League, if you believe the Spanish sporting press. But yesterday he was the toast of Madrid and fans are begging him to stay. The self proclaimed “Special One” has pulled off a minor miracle. His team have beaten Barcelona twice in seven days and on Tuesday night they beat Manchester United on their home ground. Incredible and what a turnaround for a club and manager who appeared on course for a “trophy less” season. It had been rumoured that if Real Madrid had lost on Tuesday night Mourinho would have been sacked. To make matters even better for the former Chelsea manager Real Madrid skipper Iker Casillas (who allegedly led a player´s revolt against the Portuguese manager) has played no part in the three-match-winning run because he is injured. The sun is shining on the Real Madrid manager but realistically his team have little chance of winning the league and there is still a long way to go in the Champions League. Perhaps Mourinho should just savour the moment because his so-called enemies will not have gone away. I sincerely hope that he will leave Spain at the end of the season and head back to Stamford Bridge. As a Chelsea fan, I would say, that he should never have left. Mourinho, is also good for the Premier League.