I remember sometime ago Jason Moore wrote about people not wanting to go the U.K. in the summer for holidays because there was going to be a lot of strikes and protests.

What does he think about all the strikes and protests going on now in Majorca and Spain?
Watching Spanish television, I see this going on nearly everyday, not very nice if are on holiday.
If this is all reported in the British Television and press, which surely will be, no one will want to come here either.
Also with the British economy struggling, it seems people are opting to holiday there (one thing it will be good for the British economy).
I think Majorca and Spain have relied on the Brits too much, in the past (almost take it for granted they will come here).
You cannot blame it all on no flights all the time.
Lack of money is the answer.
A. Caffyn
Santa Ponsa