I AM hoping you or your readers may be able to answer this question for me, as I am somewhat baffled. I work in a small administration office which entails sending correspondence to clients by post.

I went along to Palma Nova Post Office to purchase postage stamps - a fairly normal request wouldn't you think? But no, you are not able to buy postage stamps at a Post Office any longer .... I must say, at first I thought the young lady was having a joke, but no she was not.

YOU CANNOT buy stamps from ANY Post Office. Where, may I ask, can you buy postage stamps? I was told from the tobacconist. Forgive me, but I thought the tobacconist sold tobacco??

I did ask what the reason was behind this and was told “because it is.” You may, however, take letters to the Post Office and they will stamp them. Not very convenient for many of us. I am sure many readers have a few stamps in their homes for the odd letter or card they may have to send urgently.

S. Weber, Illetas