By Jason Moore

EARLIER this year, a reader asked whether we were right to ask that films should be shown in English at local cinemas. He argued that we should all learn Spanish and therefore we could see all the top movies and language wouldn´t be a problem. However, movies in English, is a question of demand and supply.

The King´s Speech, which is showing at the Renoir Cinema in Palma in English, has been a huge success attracting more than 400 people a day since last Friday. This is a real record for the Renoir and clearly underlines the fact that there is a demand for films in English. I am rather pleased that it has been so successful because I was quite vocal in this column about the need to show the Oscar-winner in English. It appears I was not alone in thinking that it would be a big success. I did have my doubts because the film had been out for at least three months and many people had already seen it on the mainland or in Britain. But my fears were unfounded.

The King´s Speech is an excellent film and well worth seeing. It also proves that movies do not need enormous budgets and mindless violence and bad language to be a box office success. A great film which thankfully we can enjoy in our own language in Majorca at the Renoir.