Dear Sir, REGARDING arline/carriers' charges, a recent event certainly proved an “eye opener” for us! Some people staying here for some winter months came to our offices this week to book their return flight. They had travelled here from Heathrow with British Midlands, a couple with their small dog. We called the number for British Midlands which they had been given in the U.K. and checked on flight availability for Saturday, 24th March. Seats were available at a cost of approximately 250 euros each, one way, Palma to London.

After catching their breath, as any day would suit, we were then offered seats for Monday, 26th March at 55 euros each. We all know that weekend travel is more expensive, but around five times the price, in March?

Then we come to the dog. The U.K. would not make the booking, telling us it had to be done in Palma. British Midland in Palma passed us to an agency handling this in the airport. We phoned to book the dog a place, were told there was space on the plane at a cost of 490 euros! This came as a surprise/shock to the couple, as to bring the dog in its travelling box in the hold of the aircraft, from Heathrow to Palma, same airline, had cost 90 euros. When asking about this huge difference in price, we were told, ex Heathrow the dog was considered “excess baggage,” but ex Palma, “freight”.

Same dog, same weight, same airline and return journey to and from the same airports - again, nearly five times the price. The agency here told us they only receive a handling commission, the airline receive the payment. Needless to say, upon their return to the UK, the couple will fully investigate their rights. If this is a rip-off, it needs to be exposed/corrected.

Graham Phillips, Palma de Mallorca