By Jason Moore WINTER tourism has virtually disappeared in Majorca thanks to a combination of a lack of flights, expensive hotels and little effort by the authorities to make the island a winter resort. Figures released this week said that Palma has some of the most expensive hotels in the country.

This would help explain why attempts have failed to make Palma a weekend getaway destination. There is also a severe shortage of flights. Then there is the small issue of shops and restaurants not opening at the weekend. This is an incredible state of affairs. The three points I have outlined above are the main reason why there are no tourists in the winter.

In some ways it is rather a shame because there are plenty of activities taking place during the winter months especially in Palma ranging from the San Sebastian festivities to the carnival parade. I am sure that with some imagination Palma could easily become a successful short-break holiday destination during the winter months. But things have got to change. Airlines and hotels need to be persuaded to lower their prices and shops and restaurant need to open. It is not difficult it just needs some coordination between all those involved. Palma is a great city and it is a great shame that it is not as popular as other places such as Barcelona and Madrid.