By Jason Moore THE 2nd anniversary of the Madrid bombings has been marked across Spain over the last few days but still little is known about Europe's worst terrorist atrocity. While there has been an investigation into the train bombings new reports and allegations continue to surface amid claims that the Spanish police operation before the bombings was severely flawed. It now appears that there could be a link between the alleged al Qaeda bombers and the Basque Separatists group ETA. At the time the Spanish government blamed ETA for carrying out the attacks despite the fact that most evidence pointed to al Qaeda. This led to the fall of the conservative government. But two years on and with a new Prime Minister promising a full investigation, important question marks remain. Was ETA involved? How were the bombers able to obtain large amounts of explosives in Spain? Can the bombers have been infiltrated by police informers and if so why didn't they give the necessary warning? It was such a terrible time for Spain I believe the Spanish people deserve a long and in depth investigation and full explanation. The role of the Partido Popular government also needs to be examined. However painful it may be Spain deserves to know the truth. It will be a day that everyone will always remember but the unanswered questions only add to the suffering.