WE came over to Majorca last week for a holiday and although we own a property on the North of the Island, we stayed in a hotel on the South hoping for better weather.

We spent a lovely few days doing touristy things in Palma and whilst walking around to the Cathedral I was so upset to see the state of some of the horses which were expected to pull the carriages around the City. Two of the horses that I saw had their bones sticking out through their skin and looked emaciated. How are these lovely creatures supposed to work for their greedy owners if they are not fed properly? I suspect the state of the horses was noted at some stage, because an hour or so later when we passed the horses again, they were in exactly the same position but with cloths thrown over them to hide their jutting ribs!

Over the years the state of the animals in Majorca has always upset me to the point where I reluctantly take my summer holidays on the island however more recently there appeared to be less dogs running around loose and the majority of people who own dogs tend to take them out on a lead - possibly due to the foreign influence but seeing these poor horses brought the memories all back to me.

I see that they are not under cover, sheltered from sun and rain etc. as was mentioned sometime ago in your paper and they are also now expected to stand on a hill, whilst the taxis have been given their old position on the roadside.

I am hoping that by writing to you, through your paper, you will be able to put some pressure on those responsible to ensure these animals are given a little bit of comfort in their lives.

I do hope that when I come back in the summer something will have been done to help these poor creatures have a better life, because if not, I fear the tourists will cease to use them and their owners will be out of work.

Yours faithfully,

Elizabeth Long, Canterbury
A true animal lover