By Jason Moore

IT is shaping up to be quite a local election battle in Calvia, where votes from the expatriate British community could decide who forms the next ruling council. I am told that the ruling Partido Popular has two British candidates on their election list who will be unveiled this weekend at a gala launch.

The PP´s list is being kept a closely guarded secret but I am reliably informed that the two candidates are well known within the expatriate community in the Calvia area. As I wrote in this space earlier this week the independent parties are also fielding a sizeable number of non-Spanish candidates which once again underlines the cosmopolitan make-up of the municipality. I think the fact that expatriates are involved in the campaign is great news for Calvia and local politics.

I think I am right in saying that there are about 3'500 Britons who are entitled to vote in the local election. Obviously they could make a major difference. It is going to be an interesting campaign. It must be remembered that Mayor Carlos Delgado is not standing and nor is the British born councillor Kate Mentink. Opinion polls point to a Partido Popular victory, however, the large number of independent parties could mean that the result may be too close to call.