By Jason Moore

It was a big budget in Britain yesterday and the information released by Chancellor George Osborne was certainly gloomy. It was a serious day because the British economy is still not healing. But MPs on both sides of parliament were behaving as if it was the last day of term. The Chancellor was interrupted on numerous occasions by behaviour which was more suited to a school playground than the Mother of all Parliaments. Instead of listening to Osborne´s speech the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls kept on holding up a copy of the Evening Standard, which had published budget details before the embargo, and tried to unnerve the man he is shadowing. All very silly and rather stupid especially when MPs were meant to be discussing the economy. If MPs want to continue to behave in this manner then perhaps parliament should no longer be screened live on television. Their behaviour does not say much for British democracy. These MPs are meant to be serious people who have been elected to office to represent their constituents; instead they behave as if it was one big joke more reminiscent of a crowd watching a football match than a budget statement. What impression do children get when they watch proceedings in parliament? It is obviously not a great example of how to behave. My advice to MPs; start taking your job seriously and forget the school yard antics. If you can´t take a budget during a period of recession seriously then you are in the wrong job.