By Jason Moore

IT is Easter next week, but if you walk around some holiday resorts, you wouldn´t know it. Earlier this week, I was in Palmanova, a fantastic resort but which is still very much half closed. There is talk that some hotels are not planning to open until at least May 1, why? The summer season gets shorter every year and it now looks that even Easter no longer marks the start of the season. I would say that some resorts are not ready for the season with beach concessions still to be granted and plenty of work still to be done. Majorca can´t continue to survive with a summer season which lasts for four months (if that, in some cases). Now we know that winter tourism has become something of a joke but now it appears that even spring is no longer a valid holiday season. Summer and that is it. So in other words at the moment, the grand plan is is to cram as many tourists as possible into four months of the year. This is not the solution. This Easter, instead of the more traditional holidaymaker from Northern Europe, we will see thousands of Majorcans going to local hotels. They are not too bothered if resorts are not really open yet so it is not a problem. Easter does fall early this year but this is no excuse. Majorca should be ready by the end of March for the start of the season. We have spring weather and a beautiful island, the only problem is that resorts are still very much closed. What would happen if there was a sudden influx of tourists, I don´t know.