THE latest political revelations to come out Palma, must make the rest of us “mere mortals” wonder how having been in political since the age of 25, Sra Munar has managed to come up with.

1) €350'000 cash-in order to avoid imprisonment.
2) Just under 2 million euros bond- with another 0.5 million bond needed before assets are seized.

Is it any wonder that sections of the Spanish Press are calling for her finances to be fully investigated.
(Perhaps they should start with the “walk in safe!” allegedly installed in her Paseo Maritimo apartment)
Political corruption has been and fundamentally, still is-life.
It's time for some accountability- with cases past and present being fully investigated, with verdicts being reached. (NOT ARCHIVO) and where necessary, the appropriate punishment being handed-with any ill gotten games seized. (not available when leaving prison).

Local politicians have been craving and investing on publicity for the island, however, with Majorca now rivaling Torremolinos/Malaga as the “Costa del crime”.

I'm sure they could well do without the latest publicity.

Yours sincerely
M. Irving
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