By Jason Moore I get the impression at the moment that our local government is doing plenty of talking but there appears to be little action. The controversial metro, remains closed, plans for the convention centre on the Paseo Maritimo appear to be locked in dispute, the projected third lane for the Via Cintura ring-road appears to be jammed in heavy traffic; and the list goes on. It is just under a year ago that the coalition local government took power; in this time I don´t think they have made much headway which is a great shame. What the local economy needs at the moment is an injection of cash from the Balearic government for major construction projects. At the moment unemployment in the Balearics remains at a record high and one of the industries which has shed the largest number of jobs is construction. There are many big projects, such as the convention centre, which just need to be finalised. With the property market suffering, the building industry needs big public projects which have been promised by the Balearic government. The local economy is suffering and I can´t see the islands having a fantastic tourist season which will make everything OK once again. It is time that the Spanish government in Madrid and the local authorities in Palma came clean and admitted that there are serious economic problems which need to be resolved.

Full marks to the Palma boat show which appears to be attracting a large number of people this year. There was a real buzz around Palma on Sunday thanks to the big show. Don´t forget our 24-page boat show special appears in tomorrow´s Bulletin.