By Jason Moore THE other day the leader of the Partido Popular opposition, Rosa Estaras, said that the regional coalition government was too busy in-fighting and was therefore unable to resolve any of the problems which are hitting the island at the moment. Yes, she may have a point. Not a day goes by without another political crisis hitting the government. It seems, at the moment, that there is a crisis meeting at government headquarters almost everyday. They all end with all those involved saying “we have resolved our differences” and then a few hours later there is another crisis. Poor Balearic leader Francesc Antich must spend the whole day trying to keep his coalition partners on side. Perhaps, he should enter negotiations with the Partido Popular to ensure their support on key projects. This would mean that he wouldn´t have to worry about some of the smaller parties which are holding the local government to ransom. A classic example are the Majorca Unionists of local tourism minister Miguel Nadal. They have sparked more disputes than most. They are oppose to much of the local government´s legislation but they still want to remain in government. A nightmare scenario which underlines the difficulties of coalition government.