By Jason Moore

I would like to applaud all the efforts which are being made to try and legalise the holiday rental business on the island. However, I would say that the battle is not going to be easy especially as local hoteliers, who are facing a drop in bookings, believe that holiday rentals should be outlawed completely. Any home owner who wants to rent out their property should be able to do so providing that the house or apartment meets all the necessary guidelines and that the earnings are declared to the Spanish tax authorities.

The problem is that many local hoteliers believe that houses and apartments are rented out with no official permissions and rents paid in Britain or Germany to escape tax in Spain. I agree with the argument that tourists who rent out villas or apartments would probably not stay in hotels and also the rental market is valuable source of income for the local economy.

The local ministry for tourism should clearly state what needs to be done so that homes can be rented out legally. As I have said in previous Viewpoints the local authorities need to take a closer look at the industry and introduce legislation where it is needed. If the local ministry for tourism continues with its crackdown, tourists are just going to rent elswhere.