I read Jason Moore's comments about soldiers possibly giving up their space on board for the elderly, mothers and children. It was just his opinion and I think that the soldiers needed to get home more than the holidaymakers.

However, I also read the comments by an enraged Gill Prachett and I can see her views too. What upset me was the way she referred to holidaymakers in a flippant manner as a “bunch”. Although I know that phrase is used to describe them. - In fact “just a bunch” of holidaymakers. When on holiday I have not felt like a bunch but obviously we are perceived that way, I hope that Gill has nothing to do with the holiday industry in Majorca and if she does I hope she doesn't mistake them for flowers!!

Sally Schofield


WE have been reading with interest, the various comments from you (1st April) and other readers (e.g. Graham Phillips 9th April) about exorbitant prices in bars and restaurants.

Yesterday, we went for a drink at a terrace bar, overlooking the sea in Palma Nova. One of the drinks we had was a JB whisky with a bottle of Fanta Lemon and the cost of this was a staggering €10! (+ 7% I.V.A.) i.e. €2 for the lemon and €8 for the very small, English style measure of whisky! We live in central Palma and, in the wonderful, small Spanish bars near our home, we pay no more than €4 for the same drink combination...with at least four times as much whisky! Even at the more exclusive bars and restaurants, the most we have ever paid is €6-7. So, shame on this business owner! Establishments like this are giving this beautiful island a bad name!

Kath & Doug Lawton