By Jason Moore

I spent part of the Easter break at a popular hotel with British tourists in Pollensa. The difference this year is I would say that at least 60 percent of the guests were Majorcan. In other-words the hotel had an occupancy rate of 100 percent over Easter but the majority of people were not foreign tourists but local residents. This is certainly a sign of the times and could help explain the relatively high occupancy level of hotels in Majorca over Easter.

In some ways the occupancy level figures could be described as being slightly misleading because they give the impression that foreign tourists have arrived back on the island in large numbers. However, I doubt that local hoteliers mind who stays in their hotels as long as they are busy. Seeing Majorcan residents sitting down for a roast beef dinner surrounded by bars showing Premier League matches was also quite an eye-opener. I noticed that on one day part of the hotel menu was changed from cottage pie to paella! Tourism in Majorca is changing and resorts are going to have to follow suit. British beer, toasties and the latest installment from Sky Sports are not going to be well received by non-British tourists. Bars and restaurants need to cater for all tastes otherwise they risk a quiet summer season.