Rental Legislation
YOUR VIEWPOINT column of 27th April, clearly in support of the campaign to re-introduce the licensing (something which ceased in 2008) of fincas and also the introduction of licensing for holiday flats on the island nevertheless points out the difficult uphill struggle it will be.

Who would ever have thought though, back in the 1980's, that by the end of that decade the walls of Berlin and the fences across middle-Europe would all come tumbling down and that the former Soviet satellite states would be part of the EU?

Yes, the battle against the influential hotel-owners and those all-too-easily influenced bureaucrats at the Ministry of Tourism will be hard but surely right will win against wrong in the end so that the thousands of property owners who have invested in this island's real estate will not turn their backs on Majorca.

Make no mistake, if the hoteliers have their way and the Tourism Minister does not re-assess the implications of her stance, those investors will not only cut their losses and go, but will be gone for ever.

Or at least until this campaign, or a future one, succeeds, which sooner or later, it must.

John Lance
Campaign Organiser
Holiday Homes International
London - England