By Jason Moore

I never thought I would say this but I felt rather sorry for Gordon Brown in Thursday night´s election TV debate. He looked exhausted and like a man with few friends. His two rivals looked young and sharp. His body language was all wrong. David Cameron and Nick Clegg looked like the future while Brown looked like the past.

The lovely thing about these TV debates is that it puts the leaders on the spot. Cameron had a poor start but he has learnt his lesson, Clegg had a good start but his message was sounding rather repetative on Thursday night meanwhile Brown has never really got to grips with the TV debates. This election was always going to be difficult for Brown but the Labour campaign has been poor not helped by Brown´s “bigot gaffe” this week. I think most people have come to the conclusion that it is time for a change in Britain because Labour has run out of ideas. Gordon Brown certainly looked like that on Thursday night. I sincerely doubt that Cameron will win an overall majority; a coalition with the Lib Dems is on the horizon which is probably not a bad thing. If it works it could be a coalition of the best people for the top jobs, Britain certainly needs competent people if it is going to tackle the problems ahead.