By Jason Moore

MAJORCA finally got back to work yesterday after the long Easter break and it is certainly not over yet because some civil servants will not be at their desks until at least today. I went to the bank yesterday and there was a queue a mile long simply because the banks have not been open for at least five working days. This is a scandalous situation. On Monday, there were literally thousands of people around Palma. As the weather was so bad many had decided to leave the beach resorts and head into Palma.

Unfortunately, they were met by a closed sign. There were few restaurants open and even fewer shops. What a nightmare. This was a golden opportunity for the Balearics to shine over Easter. Unfortunately, things didn´t exactly go to plan. The weather was awful and then shops and restaurants decided to take a long break. Majorca has to realise that it lives from tourism and it should exploit every opportunity especially in these hard times.

It is no good grumbling that you had a poor season when you failed to open over Easter. What the tourist industry and Majorca as a whole needs is to be far more flexible. Outdated practices of the past need to be forgotten once and for all. If there are tourists about businesses need to open. It is as simple as that.