My husband and I were most interested in the article appearing in Saturday April 27th edition of your paper, entitled ‘The great hire car rip off'.
We had a similar experience during the first week of April.
The particular company was chosen as no age penalty was mentioned, and also the situation of the car hire firm was advertised as ‘located just a few minutes drive away'.

10 pm arrived as did the car hire transport, whereupon we were whisked off to an unknown street at the back of IKEA somewhere, more than a few minutes drive away in our opinion.

No Clio was available but we were ‘upgraded' to a Nissan Micra at no extra charge! Unasked for and not wanted.
The final bill came to E216.86 on top of what we had paid in the UK.
It was made up of E70 full tank of petrol E9.95 ‘road assistance'; E39.50 out of office hours; E27.65 ‘reduced' excess (we protested at the original figure mentioned of E600!); E39.50 ‘old driver'.

I deigned to be added as a second driver at an additional daily cost of E6.45 even though I am a Member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists in the U.K.

Not that I expect this to be recognised on the Island.
The whole transaction ended and we were free to drive away sometime after 22.30. Exhausted.
We were very pleased to return the car a week later with a virtually empty petrol tank! None of the printed conditions etc. arrived from the original contact until after the initial payment was made in the UK.
Unlike the lady quoted in your article we were unable to walk away as we were stuck so far from the airport and taxis.
Margaret French