By Jason Moore I sometimes despair at local politics. At the moment we have a coalition Balearic government which is clearly on the ropes and it wouldn´t need too much for it to fall. The opposition Partido Popular could, if it wanted, make life almost impossible for Balearic President Antich. But just when it appeared that the Partido Popular were starting to hold Antich and his failing government to task the party announces that their leader, Rosa Estaras, is abandoning the island to become a European Member of Parliament. Partido Popular leader, Mariano Rajoy, allegedly said that she would spend time in Brussels before returning to the island to fight the next local elections. Now, Estaras has proved to be a good leader of the Partido Popular but I don´t understand why she wants to go to Brussels. Her place at the moment is obviously here because all that is needed is for one of the coalition parties to break-away and the Partido Popular could be in power. The fact that she is leaving shows that the PP doubt that the coalition will fall and will last the full four years. So the leader of the only effective opposition (because all the other parties form part of the coalition) is going. Incredible, talk about scoring an own goal.