Dear Sir,

Recent changes to terms and conditions of hire cars from Palma Airport are quite frankly scandalous.
A car company I have used for over 2 years to get to my property in Cala Bona are now filling the tank, charging the earth and expecting the car to be returned empty. This applies to trips of four days or more. How can I empty a tank in four days on a budget sized car driving economically.

Being a typical British driver achieving 55MPG in an Audi A6, I find that I am taking the cars back nearly full. This goes against a number of principles: n Economic: The exchange rates are crippling enough without having to make contributions to the Hire cars profits. This is not helping the tourist industry, tourists that are ripped off will not return n Environmental: People will naturally make unecessary trips to use up the fuel adding to pollution. In addition, roads will be busier if people are making these trips. n This needs to be brought to the attention of the Tourist Minister and I will be looking for an honest hire car company in future that operates in a fair and equitable manner.

Kind Regards, Alan Wheat
Cala Bona