HAVE just spent a long weekend in one of my favourite cities. Haven't been for some time so was surprised what I discovered.
It was great just wandering around the streets on Saturday morning, taking in the familiar places. I knew the shops closed on Saturday afternoon so wasn't too alarmed, but I was amazed by the amount of graffiti and closed shops to let. All very depressing. Still I saved myself some money!

Sunday morning I took my usual stroll through the old town to the nearest beach bar I knew at Ca'n Pere Antoni. It was a beautiful sunny day and the front and beaches were packed with people, enjoying this wonderful spot. The great bar that sits on the nearest point was closed. (forever?) I have such great memories of sitting in that spot and watching the sun go down behind cathedral. I climbed over broken glass and a mattress that was placed in front of the door to find no notice. I noted other mattress's and a number of vagrants living there. The place was a mess. Disgusted I continued walking along the front toward Portixol. This has to be one of the nicest spots anywhere. But, the pavements were cracked, weeds were growing through everything, cyclists were using the pavement instead of the track provided. A nightmare!

By the time I arrived at Portixol, it was time to think about some lunch.
I was pleased to see some restaurants open, not always easy on a Sunday in Palma Town! I fancied a pizza, and was alarmed that the restaurant I had visited before (Rigoletto's) was charging 15 euros for a pizza. I have never seen this price for a pizza anywhere else in Europe. For god's sake get real!!! I am happy to say after that I found another pizzeria a little further away that was charging half that price. I think it's important for people to sometimes remember how much it must cost to make a pizza! All in all I had a nice weekend, but I am now thinking was it worth the airport hassle, the overpriced hotel, the seediness of some streets, and the overpriced restaurants. Probably not.


Derek Brampton