By Jason Moore IT is the same old story every year;the summer season starts but the beaches are not ready. Now, those of us who live on the island would probably think twice or even three times (in my case four times) about going to the beach and having a swim but let us not forget that our lifeblood are tourists from Northern Europe who don´t feel the cold as much as we do and probably think it is ideal beach weather. Yesterday, we reported on the fact that the beach at Cala San Vicente was not ready;it hasn´t been cleaned and the sun loungers are not out;yesterday I received a call from a reader in Cala Major who said that a similar state of affairs is happening there. We have all winter to prepare for these crucial six months; it is a make or break time. The beaches must be ready especially as Majorca is a beach holiday destination. We have to remember that many people from Britain and Germany have been dreaming of going to the beach all winter and when they get here they find that the sun is shining but the beach isn´t. So no excuses, get those beaches ready and clean because the clock is ticking and this year the island can´t afford to make too many mistakes.

What a great weekend in Majorca;you´ve got the Balearic cricket championships, the beach rugby and also the Pirates charity Premiere. No one can say that there is little to do in Majorca during the first weeks of the season. Well done to all for organising the events and fingers crossed that plenty of money is raised for Great Ormond Street and the Balearic Cricket Cup comes home to its rightful place.