Dear Sir, I read the letter in today's Bulletin regarding Car Hire companies charging for a full tank of fuel and not allowing you anything if you return the car with fuel in it. I have dealt with a Car Hire company for over 35 years and they give me a full tank of fuel at the beginning of the hire and I return the car with a full tank by filling it up at the Airport just prior to leaving it on the 4th floor of the multi storey car park and they have an ‘old banger' with a ‘letter-box' in the boot for you to deposit the keys parked on the 4th floor. The firm used to be known as Dragon Rent-a-Car until the owner retired and now are Autos Roig of C'an Pastilla and C'ala D'or. I have always found their charges very competitive and are fully inclusive of ALL extras including fully comprehensive insurance cover which is most important and reassuring.

Yours faithfully, Gerald Lewis (Sol de Mallorca) & Devon, U.K.