by Jason Moore

It is becoming evident that Britain is becoming increasingly anti-European Union. The sudden rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party clearly shows that a growing number of Britons want out of Europe. So Britain leaves the European Union and then what? Is there life outside the European Union for Britain afterall most of Britain´s exports go to Europe? If you are not in the club you are obviously not part of the team and therefore there is a strong possibility that Britain could be isolated. I am not saying that the European Union doesn´t have its faults but what concerns me is the damage the eurosceptics could do to Britain´s future prospects. The United States has already warned that it would prefer Britain to remain part of the European Union. Germany wants Britain to remain in the European Union so what is the problem? Britain can only afford to be a member of one club, and that is the European Union. Unfortunately, I do not believe there is any other alternative, whatever UKIP says.