WHO won the election for Mayor of London? I know his name is Boris Johnson but the point of my question is - which Boris Johnson. The first person bearing that name with whom we became familiar was a scatter-brained Member of Parliament who arrogantly insulted people, cities and countries with gay abandon -- and then apologised like a naughty boy when told to do so by the leader of his party. The second Boris Johnson, however, is the one we have seen during the London mayoral election, greatly subdued, disciplined, avoiding contact with the media, especially journalists seeking in-depth interviews, and talking generally about his commitment to fighting crime in London and reintroducing the obsolescent Routemaster buses. True, the engaging air of a character from a Wodehouse story was still there but at his elbow making sure no gaffes were committed was always a rather stern version of Jeeves in the person of Lynton Crosby, the electoral guru who won four campaigns for John Howard in his native Australia. It is not fanciful to say that having put his trust in a fellow old-Etonian David Cameron now has to ensure that the old Boris Johnson does not re-emerge to embarrass the party through incompetence or irresponsibility just when it sees victory ahead. There is a heavy responsibility on the new Mayor's shoulders and the turbulent, crowded, multi-racial city he has inherited will test him to the limit.