Compiled by MONITOR IN Britain's local elections the Conservatives won a convincing overall victory against Labour; the last result to be declared was of Boris Johnson's ousting of the two-term incumbent Ken Livingstone as Mayor of London.

An army parade in Kabul to mark Afghanistan's Independence Day was reduced to a shambles when Taleban gunmen opened fire. President Karsai, the presumed target of the attack, was unhurt.

After a delay of one month the result of the presidential election in Zimbabwe was announced, giving victory to the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai over President Mugabe by 47-43 per cent. In theory a run-off between the two men should follow.

Bulletin Headlines of the Week
SUNDAY/MONDAY: Food Scare (Sunflower oil had been removed from supermarket shelves after a warning from Spain's Health Ministry about a contaminated batch).

TUESDAY: Property Millions (Property deals worth 282 million euros had been concluded in the Balearics in the first three months of the year).
WEDNESDAY: Best of British (The British Olympic women's swimming team were training in Majorca for a week).
THURSDAY: A Slow Start (The summer season began on May 1 but fewer hotels than usual were open after a disappointing winter).
FRIDAY: A Ray of Hope (The young Majorcan teacher seriously injured when she ensured that her pupils escaped from a speeding car was still in intensive care).

SATURDAY: Full Sail Ahead (The Balearic government announced a new initiative to support and promote sustainable nautical tourism)