By Jason Moore

The unemployment figures in Spain at the moment are quite scandalous. The country is rapidly approaching five million unemployed, that is almost one-in-four of the working population. Almost three years into the recession and the jobless rate is continuing to rise even though the summer season is well underway and hotels are recruiting staff.

To make matters worse it also appears that the Spanish economy is continuing to struggle and there are fears on the money markets that Spain will have to ask for a bailout from the European Union, which will be a major blow. Many, including the opposition Partido Popular, believe that the government´s economic polices have failed miserably. This is one of the reasons why the government of Prime Minister Zapatero is so unpopular. Spain is calling for change. However, if economic recovery is to take hold then the problem of mass unemployment needs to be resolved before it is too late. Spain can´t continue with this rate of unemployment.