I think that The Bulletin, together with the majority of the British Press, have gone well and truly over the top following the results of the partial local elections in England and Wales.

Don't forget that only one third of those entitled to vote, did so. Of this small minority, UKIP gained 145 seats out of a possible 2'300 available, which means barely one in ten voted for them in the country as a whole.

UKIP I admit have echoed the fears of the public on two subjects only, Immigration and membership of the European Union.
As the economy recovers, both these questions will recede.
As Harold Wilson famously remarked, “A week is a long time in politics”, and as Margaret Thatcher reiterated, the oxygen of publicity, will die down provided you, Mr Moore, and the ineffable echo- Ray Flemming may concur, two years until the next General Election may prove, these issues will be well on the back-burner. We shall see.

On a lighter and more congenial note, I was elated to read of your 50th Anniversary edition will include a grand supplement next Sunday.
This will join the great supplement that you published in the very same year, that I arrived at Majorca, from Minorca where I had resided for five years, to coincide with your 25th. anniversary, that I still possess. Congratulations to Señor Serra, and all the staff of The Majorca Daily Bulletin. Phil Green
El Toro