by Jason Moore

I think Jose Mourinho has no option but to return to his beloved Chelsea as he appears to have become the most hated man in Spain. The Real Madrid manager has allegedly split from his team following a dressing room bust-up after the Spanish giants were eliminated from the Champions League last week. Mourinho has hinted that he will be returning to Stamford Bridge but later claimed that he still had not decided his future. Mourinho has split the Real Madrid fan base and with Barcelona supporters he is public enemy number 1. Mourinho has been successful at Madrid; they have won a league and a King´s Cup and have defeated Barcelona twice in the same week. This is not bad if you consider that Barcelona are probably one of the greatest clubs side ever. He faced a nightmare task; how do you beat Barcelona with its star studded team. But unfortunately the “Special One” has made many enemies in Spain including some key people within the Spanish media. They have all come out saying that he should go. Now Real Madrid could end the season on a relative high if they win the King´s Cup but it is not enough. I suspect that Mourinho has already made a deal with Chelsea and will be returning to the Premier League next season. This will be great for English football. Spain´s loss is England´s gain. In time I suspect that Spain will miss Mourinho. Afterall he is undoubtly one of the best club managers in the world. But who can say what will happen.