By Jason Moore ALL is not well within the Balearic government coalition. There are signs that the coalition between the Majorcan Unionists led by Maria Antonia Munar and the Partido Popular of Jaume Matas is not in good health. Munar, who leads the Council of Majorca, gives the Partido Popular the necessary votes for a majority in the island council. Similar sort of pacts exist in other smaller regional councils, such as Calvia. But on Sunday, Munar, declared “war” on the Partido Popular and with the local elections set to take place next year it looks as if the relationship between the two could become very rocky. Some grass-root members of the Partido Popular are said to be angry that with just a few votes, (Munar's party polled just 25'000 votes at the last election) can hold such power. But the President of the Council of Majorca is a past-master of match-making. Four years ago her party supported the so-called rainbow coalition which ruled across the Balearics and later she jumped ship and gave her support to the Partido Popular. Despite the change in governments she has remained as President of the Council. I sincerely doubt that the coaliation Partido Popular and Majorcan Unionists will form a united front at the local elections next year. One thing for sure, though, Munar is a great political survivor and she always makes her votes count.