By Jason Moore

THIS could be the first election that Rupert Murdoch loses! His newspapers are all backing David Cameron with the top selling Sun coming out for the Conservatives months before the election and the Times joining them over the weekend. Now, we all know that the Sun has always played a key role in deciding the future Prime Minister of Britain but with the polls pointing to a hung parliament it may be for once that Britain´s top tabloid has got it wrong.

The move may have even wider repercussions with national newspapers losing some of their power to the internet and television. This British election has been about television with the debates proving crucial. There is some good news for Mr. Murdoch, though, his Sky News network has done very well and even hosted the second debate. At the moment only the Daily Mirror appears to be backing Gordon Brown with the other left-leaning newspapers opting for Nick Clegg. Ten years ago this would have been a major blow for the Labour Party, but these days I am no longer too sure. Millions of people will be following the actual election count on the internet and television. Local newspapers will be doing their own thing. However, it will be interesting to see if the Murdoch press has got it right.