BY Jason Moore TEN years later and the U.S. finally gets its man. But the death of Bin Laden leaves many unanswered questions. The fact that he was living in luxury in a country which is allegedly a close ally of the United States and next to a Pakistan military compound will clearly strain ties once again between Pakistan and Washington.

Everyone has always suspected that Bin Laden was living in Pakistan, the only people who denied it, was the Pakistani government. So why has it taken so long to find him? He was the most wanted man on the planet and it has taken the might of the United States ten years to locate him. The U.S. provides billions of dollars of aid to Pakistan, and now it turns out that they were sheltering their most wanted man. While I am pleased that Bin Laden has finally been located I sincerely doubt that the world is now a safe place. Al Qaeda has grown with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan acting as a major recruiting tool for militants. I suspect that Al Qaeda already has a new leader.

His death will not mean that allied troops can return home from Afghanistan. It doesn´t mean either that western nations can reduce their terror threat levels. Infact they will probably have to increase it. Britain is already on red alert and so is the United States and other key western nations. The United States can congratulate themselves that Bin Laden has been found but the war on terror will continue.