Dear Sir, IT is salutary to hear that the ridiculous claim of 3 million Euros (for being a traitor) by the United Mallorquin party from the Calvia councillor, Joan Thomas has been finally thrown out of court. To remind your readers, Thomas broke ranks with the UM because he considered that his duty is to the citizens of Calvia before party politics and voted against the UM party line in a council meeting. It is also important to remember that the PSOE also jumped on the shoddy bandwagon by accusing Thomas of taking a back–hander for voting with the PP. That typically loony–left accusation was summarily thrown out of court. One wonders if Calvia's UM and PSOE think that local politics is just a glorified game trivial pursuits, wasting court time which is paid for by taxpayers money? I trust the Calvia voters will remember this, yet another disgraceful episode, when the elections come round again next year. Dear Sir, I WROTE to you on the 19th April re the state of Camp de Mar over the easter period and my disappointment at the state of the beach, roads, car parks, childrens play area etc and you very kindly published my letter the following day. We have just been out to Majorca for the bank holiday weekend and to our amazement nothing has been done. The whole resort is an absolute disgrace particulary the beach with overflowing bins bottles dirty nappies and whatever else people have decided to leave.

Yours, John Rule Sol de Mallorca

Can anyone give us any idea of what on earth is going on at Camp de Mar! Many thanks Jon Noble
RAY Fleming thinks the British government has its facts wrong, I believe he has. (Sunday 30th April, 2006) The Isle of Man and The Channel Islands belong to the British Isles but are NOT part of the United Kingdom. I should know as I currently live on the Isle of Man. Flying into an English airport I have to go through a special passport control along with others from Ireland and the Channel Islands. We are not part of the EU here so cannot be part of the United Kingdom which is. Even our money is not acceptable in the UK, I have to change my Manx notes for UK ones before I go to England although they are pounds and pence unlike Scotland which is part of the UK and whose currency is accepted.
May I respectfully suggest Mr Fleming check his own facts, if he can prove me wrong everyone on all these outpost islands are in for a shock as is the UK government.
Yours Philippa Coates