By Jason Moore IT is starting to become clear that one of the reasons why Labour is performing so poorly in the polls is because many feel that Gordon Brown was not elected Prime Minister. Despite all the careful succession plans some voters are saying that Tony Blair was elected Prime Minister and not Gordon Brown. I have always thought that it was rather undemocratic to change a leader without an election. I know it is a party matter but surely the voter should have some say. Both the Conservatives and Labour are guilty of this; John Major and Gordon Brown all “took-over” in mid-term. I therefore read in horror yesterday that a large number of Labour MPs want Brown to step-down as leader and be replaced. This is the last thing that they want to do; at least with Brown it was clear that he was going to take over from Blair but another new leader after Brown, I don´t think so (unless it is Tony Blair!). The best thing the Labour Party can do is stick with Brown and hope that the economy improves and there is some sort of miracle. There is also work for David Cameron; he must now prove that he is a leader in waiting and is capable of becoming Prime Minister.

T he Tories must win in the north of England and Scotland. Cameron becoming Prime Minister would be a gift for the Scottish Nationalists who are becoming ever stronger. Brown must just hope that the British economy improves and that he can get his message across to the British public. At the moment he is clearly struggling.