By Jason Moore

I have always been a big fan of Jose Mourinho, the present Real Madrid manager. I believe that he is one of the best football coaches in the world and when he speaks I listen. I thought his outburst against the referee in Madrid´s first leg Champions league clash with Barcelona was rather over the top. He accused referees of showing favouritism towards the Catalan giants.

Considering his team had lost 2-0 I thought that he was being a bit of a sore loser but after watching Tuesday´s second leg match with Barcelona, in which a valid Madrid goal was disallowed, I think the “Special One” just might have a point. Infact that whole of the Madrid set-up have come out backing their manager and his claims. The goal should have been allowed and it would have given Madrid an edge. I am not going to criticise Barcelona Football team, because they are the greatest club side on earth, but perhaps an investigation should be ordered into the referees and their performance in these two matches. I do believe that Madrid have a point and their allegations, for the good of football, need to be investigated once and for all. The two matches were not a great advertisement for the Spanish league, there was a brawl among the players and a war of words between the managers. I don´t think Mourinho will last long at Madrid, I think he will make a spectacular return to the Premier League. I doubt he will be missed in Spain, but he has certainly caused a stir.