H AVE you noticed that ever since the death of Baroness Thatcher all her old guard have come out into the spotlight again. First there was Norman Tebbit, who called on Prime Minister David Cameron to take a tougher Tory line and then former Chancellor Nigel Lawson called for Britain to pull out of the European Union. What next? Geoffrey Howe or Michael Heseltine will be calling for an end to the Liberal Democrat/Tory pact. All these former ministers from the Thatcher years have had their moments of glory and now they should just sit back and enjoy their retirement. Poor old Prime Minister David Cameron has got enough people telling him what to do without former ministers from a bygone era getting involved. So Nigel Lawson wants Britain to leave the Europe Union, good for him; he has probably cost the Conservative Party a few thousand more votes much to the delight of the United Kingdom Independence Party. Talk about scoring an own goal. Perhaps Lawson might now defect to UKIP because his views are more in tune with Nigel Farage than David Cameron. And why didn´t pro-European Lawson call for Britain to exit the European Union when he was Chancellor? What the Conservative Party must remember, old and new, is that in a short space of time they have an election to fight and at the moment they stand about as much chance as winning as Real Mallorca playing Champions League football.