Dear Sir,

LET me tell Señor Luis Tato that we don't need 15 more tax inspectors out investigating fraud (Newsdesk Thursday) but we do need the same 15 in the Hacienda where hundreds of law abiding citizens are trying to pay their taxes. Just as I had a long wait for my useless residents certificate I had to queue almost an hour to get tax forms. Just as in the “Guardia Civil Policia” building where over half the desks were unoccupied so at the Hacienda at the busiest time of the tax year only 9 counters were working with 15 empty (please note that number Luis). Just as I had multiple queuing (first to get the “Residencia 790”, then the bank, then represent it), so I had to get the “Impuestos 210 and 214” first then off to another queue to pay up. And what about my carbon footprint? Just as I had to drive to Palma for my “790” I had to drive to Palma for my “210 & 214” (don't get me started on the associated parking problems). Why can't the forms be mailed automatically?
Why can't the tax office work like our local supermarket who switch staff to empty checkouts as queues build up?
Why don't our expat councilors fix things? Our politicians are forever knocking us foreigners for dodging taxes (e.g. holiday letting). I'm sure some well intentioned Brits have given up trying to pay because of all this unnecessary hassle. One compliment for our tax planners. They had the good sense to build the hacienda near to Cellar Sa'Premsa so I rewarded my patience with an excellent lunch. Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma