By Jason Moore

Did anyone in their right mind really believe that Osama Bin Laden would be taken alive when he was finally tracked down? I suspect that the U.S. special forces had orders not to take him alive because of all the dangers involved. Some say he was executed, others says he was killed and some say he was assassinated. Just after the attack on the Twin Towers, President George W. Bush said that Bin Laden was wanted dead or alive.

Ten years later and the U.S. get their man. I think the only fault the White House have made was keep on changing the story of the firefight and the death of the Al Qaeda leader. The White House should have told the whole story on day one. If the details were still sketchy then they should have stayed quiet and waited for the full picture to emerge. One thing which is 100 percent true is the bravery of the U.S. special forces who conducted the raid. Their SAS counterparts who helped train the Seals in the early days would have been very pround indeed.